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Services and Prices

Do you only ship to the US, or do you also ship directly to FBA Europe?
Yes! We ship to all Amazon FBA warehouses around the world. This Includes:
USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Australia and more.

Why is your quote lower than that of other freight companies?
This has to do with the large volume that we ship together with our partners. This allows us to get heavy discount from couriers which we pass on to our customers, while still staying profitable.

While our rates are extremely competitive, we pride ourselves on our reliability. There are not many shipping companies that can say that they have a Shipment Failure Rate of 0%. Yes that's right, we have never had Amazon reject any of our shipments. When you use our shipping service, you can be assured that your products will get delivered in a smooth manner.  

Why can't I see your shipping prices? 
Freight prices changes on a weekly basis, and depend on variables such as the general demand for freight, currency fluctuations, total cargo volume etc. Although we cannot give a general price without knowing the specific details of your shipment, we do guarantee the following:

We believe we can beat the  price of any other FBA specialized freight forwarder based in North-America or Europe.

Do you guys handle the whole shipment process?
Yes! We take care of every last detail, so you can reduce cost and focus on growing your business.

I’m not in the US, do I need an EIN to do business with you?
You won’t need an EIN if you use our service.

Where is your headquarter?
Our HQ is in Herlsbs gate 23, 0561, Oslo, Norway.

Other Questions

What is the difference between FOB & EXW?
FOB means that your goods will be loaded on a ship by the supplier. EXW, means that your supplier is only responsible for manufacturing the goods and leaving the goods at factory so it is ready for pickup by someone. FOB is mainly used with regards to Sea Freight.

Should I Ship by Sea or by Air
This depend on the total volume of your shipment. We generally recommend shipping by sea whenever the shipment size is larger than 3-4 cubic meters.

What is the difference between volumetric weight and gross weight?
Gross weight is the actual scale weight of your carton containing your items. Volumetric weight is the volume of a carton given in cubic meters multiplied with 200. This means that 1 cubic meter counts as 200Kg.

Will I be charged based on the Volumetric Weight or the Gross Weight?
Your chargeable weight will be the largest of the gross weight and the volumetric weight. This is not our way of measuring but it is the universal way of measure a shipments chargeable weight.

My supplier is telling me that I need to pay import charges after the goods got shipped. Can you help me?
We often see that suppliers provide quotes without including all the import charges related to import clearance, obtaining customs bond, obtaining a bonded warehouse, paperwork etc. This can be troublesome as a huge portion of the costs are related to the actual import charges.

We highly recommend against using suppliers for shipping, unless you have experience with shipping. When things like this occurs it is usually too late, and there is not much we can do to help.