How to ship from China to Amazon FBA - 100% Amazon compliant

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Having to pay for re-boxing or re-packaging your products can significantly hurt your margins and price flexibility. By making sure your goods are 100% Amazon compliant in advance of your shipment you're already ahead of the game. Not only do you save costs by not having to re-box your cartons, but more importantly, you avoid having Amazon reject your goods at the door.

Here are some of the most essential requirements FBA sellers need to meet when shipping from China to Amazon’s fulfillment center anywhere in the world.

  • Shipping cartons should be double wall, corrugated cardboard, preferably reinforced on sides and corners 
  • Cartons should not exceed 25 inches (62 cm) on any side unless the product package exceeds this limit
  • Carton weight must not exceed 50 lbs (22.73 kgs)
  • Items in poly bags with an opening greater than 5 inches (12.5 cm) need a suffocation warning label either printed on the bag, or applied to the bag with a sticker 
  • Shipping marks should include brand name, item description, carton weight and dimensions, unit count, carton number, and total number of cartons
  • Carton should not contain more than 150 units of the same sku
  • All units must contain a scannable barcode. FBA Transport may apply these barcodes after picking up your goods from your supplier. Alternatively, Amazon can do this upon reception of your goods, although at a higher price point.
  • All units must contain a label of origin i.e."Made in China"

    Important note: Different item types require different preparation. These are just the most essential requirements that pertains to most FBA sellers. If you have questions or if you need help with prepping your goods before shipping from China to Amazon, please feel free to contact us at, or visit our homepage to learn more about our FBA prep services.

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    • This is great information! Wish someone would have shared this with me when I first started out.

      I have been making several orders from my supplier, but think the price is a bit high. Do you have any suggestions for how I should go about renegotiating the price with my supplier? I would love if you guys would write a blog post about that in one of your upcoming articles.

      Thanks Again.

      Lars Henderson

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