3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Shipping From China to Amazon FBA

 3 mistakes to avoid when shipping form China to amazon FBA Iamge

You have a great product idea that you believe will improve the life of millions. Now the challenge is to setup a smart business model for your shipments to Amazon's fulfillment centers to get your idea implemented. When you're planning, there are a few pitfalls to avoid. We have listed three of them below.

1. Shipping to Amazon via home or via a prep center abroad

With the existing logistics solutions out there, there is no need to ship via your home or via a North-America/Europe based prep center. Both of these alternatives will increase your shipping cost due to the extra stop added between your supplier and Amazon's fulfillment centers

We do understand that Amazon requires prep work to be done on the shipment. With today's solutions however, this can all easily be done in China if you work with the right Freight Forwarder.

This way your goods can go directly into any Amazon warehouse worldwide directly from your supplier without any extra middle stop charges in North-America or Europe. 

2. Inspecting the goods outside of the country of your supplier

Inspecting your shipment once the goods arrive at a prep center in North-America/Europe is a typical pitfall many new FBA sellers fall into. Inspecting the products abroad will make it difficult to claim a refund from the manufacturer.

In many cases a supplier will require that you return the proudct to them before they initate a refund. This is also usually the case when the refund claim has been raised through Paypal. Unfortunately most Amazon sellers are not aware of this until after they experince some product quality problems.

This is probably the main reason why you should always inspect in the country where your supplier/factory is located. Another reason is of course that it is less costly then having the goods inspected in China.

3. Palletizing the shipment in China

Palletizing the shipment in China before departure is rarely a great idea unless you plan on shipping a full container or you have consulted with your freight forwarder in advance.

This is because the increased volume caused by the pallets will increase the overall billable volume of your shipment. The increased cost caused by the increased volume will in almost all cases exceed the cost saved by palletizing in China instead of palletizing in the US.

If your product is fragile on the other hand we do recommmend palletizing the shipment before departure from China if you plan to ship by sea freight. Air freight shipments should NOT be palletized at all.



Plan ahead and reach out to one of our consultants. Our team is specialized on Amazon shipments and know all about Amazon's requirements under the TOS. We do provide door to door services from China to all Amazon warheouses worldwide at market leading rates. We would be glad to help answer any Amazon related question you might have.  You can also request our free prep guide which can be handed to your supplier totally free.


If you have questions or if you need help with shipping from your supplier to Amazon, please feel free to contact us at support@fbatransport.com , or visit our homepage to learn more about our FBA shipping services.

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