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1. Pick-Up

We pick up your products from your supplier and bring it to our warehouse for inspection and/or prep-services.


2. Prep & inspect

We prep and inspect your goods to meet with Amazon's dozens prep requirements. Our processing team is rigorously trained and practiced in all prep requirements Amazon has.


3. Amazon Delivery

We ship your prepped products from our warehouse directly to Amazon's warehouse anywhere in the world. We take over the entire process for you, from filing your ISF before departure to clearing customs and paying port fees.

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I now save about 50%. I don't have to think about anything, I spend way less money and I get my items inspected. I definetly recommend FBA Transport's solution."

Philip (27), Atlanta, GA

"I got contacted by FBA Transport in October 2015, and have let them take care of my shipments ever since. I used to have a Chinese agent to ship my products for about 12 weeks before that. They rarely made mistakes, but their lack of english knowledge made it difficult to get the paperwork I need for VAT refund. As I sell a variety of products, I realized this was taking too much of my time."

Soufian (28), Malaga, Spain

"I wanted to ensure that my products were properly prepped before shipping to the US in order to reduce my costs. After a referal from a friend I decided to try FBA Transport. I normally get my shipment prepped, inspected and delivered to Amazon within 5-6 days. I have never had any issues, and I have yet to find anyone that is cheaper."

Amanda (36), Schertz, TX

Our Prices

*No Hidden Fees*

Our LARGE VOLUME of shipments will allow you to benefit from our HUGE DISCOUNTS with UPS, DHL, FedEx and all Amazon partnered couriers. We can therefore outcompete other freight forwarders on price without affecting quality of our services. No hidden fees.

  • FBA Inspection
  • Quality Assurance
  • Product Inspection: $0.20/unit
  • Product Testing: $1.00/unit
  • Professional QC Inspection: From $349.00/Day
  • Pick-up/Receive (Free)
  • *Price is set on a per unit basis*
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  • FBA Prep
  • 100% Amazon Compliant
  • FNSKU Labelling ($0.12/unit)
  • Package Inserts ($0.40/insert)
  • Bundling ($0.50/2 units in bundle)
  • Polybagging ($0.20/unit)
  • *Price is set on a per unit basis*
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  • Shipping
  • Price Info
  • Our prices and terms are highly competitive. We can beat the price of any other freight forwarder based in the US

    Since our prices depend on variables such as volume, weight and distance, we kindly ask you to refer to our Quote Scheme to receive a quote for your shipment.

    You can also read Testimonials written by other Amazon sellers who have saved upto 50% by picking us as their freight forwarder.

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